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PVC-GLAS is a transparent material based on PVC-U (rigid PVC, unplasticized). Owing to its high rigidity and excellent transparency, this material is ideal for algae cultivation.

Microalgae offer industry an attractive market for the future. The green protozoa can convert light to biomass five times more efficiently than terrestrial plants. They are rich in valuable constituents and have many different uses, for example as food supplements, in the field of cosmetics, as a foodstuff, animal fodder, biofuel or fertilisers, or even as substances for medicines.

Special properties

  • Transparent rigid PVC
  • High light transmission (up to 88%)
  • Ideal solution for vision applications
  • Chemically resistant
  • Low flammability as per DIN 4102 B1 (only for standard PVC-GLAS)
  • High cost-effectiveness

SIMONA® Products for Algaculture facilities